I am an oboe player, first and foremost. I also sing a lot (church and stuff).

Unfortunately, I sold my old oboe while I was in college, and used the school’s until I graduated. Since we got married before I graduated, we haven’t really had money to spare to buy me a new oboe. This year we decided that was going to change, and that I’m going to get one. Hopefully within the next couple months!

This is the oboe I want to have:


*sigh* No way I’m going to have it now, though. After I get a (very) decent oboe, prove that I still love & will always love to play it, and hopefully get some gigs to make money with it, I’ll be able to save up and get another – hopefully this one I want, or whichever I want at the time.

Most recently, I’ve started taking up the piano. My in-laws gave us their upright Story & Clark piano when we moved into our first house. I’ve been trying to learn it. I’ve never had lessons (my husband did when he was younger (hence the piano)), but I did have to take 4 semesters of piano class for my Music Education degree. Of course, that was about 6-8 years ago now.

So, I’ll be updating the blog world with what I’m working on, and I’ll also take (practical) suggestions as to what I should try to learn next! (If you hear someone playing with toys, or even humming in the background, I apologize. That’s my toddler.)
I’ll do the same with oboe music once I get an oboe again. Also, if I can find my senior recital CD, I’ll post what I had recorded back in winter of 2010.

I encourage support and suggestions! Y’all can even pick vocal pieces for me to learn, record, and post if you wish! (I’m a mezzo.)


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