I Am a Rainbow (a mom’s review)

I Am a Rainbow

One of our books from the Imagination Library book club that we received prior to starting this blog is “I Am a Rainbow,” by Dolly Parton, herself.

When I took this book out of its wrappings and read the title, the first thing in my mind was, “..no way.” Well, it wasn’t about what I thought it just couldn’t be about, but whatever.

The “rainbow” refers to emotional/psychological idioms (blue=sad, green=envy, yellow=scared, etc.) and ends by expressing that the way you act on your feelings may affects others.
“So remember as you go
From hue to hue
That each and every person
Has feelings too.”

As one would assume with a book with that title and color, the entire book is quite colorful and rainbow-y. (Sure, that’s a word….) It isn’t the most well-written or rhythmic rhyme (sorry, Dolly), but it’s kind of okayish. I skip and/or very quickly read certain pages every time I read it to my son, ex. “So be a rainbow – Shine above, And filter all your glow Through love.” …really?

“It’s nature’s way-these colors you show.
So simply say . . . I am a RAINBOW!”


Did you receive this book? What did you think about it?


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