Pretend (a mom’s review)

by Jennifer Plecas

Our March installment from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library came in the mail today! (I lost the February book, and I’ll come back to post about it later). It was a lovely surprise after our 2-hour walk in our 70º winter weather. I sat my boys down and read it to them as soon as I got it from the mailbox.

Wait! What?
Why did I read it to my kids before I read through it myself (as I have clearly stated is my process for these books)? Well, I saw the artwork, looked at the first page, and that was all I needed. I was convinced it was okay for them to hear.

The artwork is simple, yet compelling and quite cute.
The story is about a young boy, getting his dad to “pretend” with him that they are on an adventure. It shows the boy and his dad using ordinary props as imaginary tools; couches as boats, dog leashes as fishing lines, cookies as caught fish, etc. It is a lovey little story. My baby (who just received his first little sunburn =/) just looked at the pictures as I read, but my 2-year-old reiterated the lines he found most compelling; “Paddle Fast!” “Grab my hand!”

I wholeheartedly recommend it and am glad to have such a lovely addition to my son’s book collection from Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Was this your March installment? If not, what was? If so, did you enjoy this book as much as I? Let me know!


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